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1 step ahead
in upgrade

  • Preferred partner of Schneider Electric & Siemens
  • Highly skilled staff
  • Possibility to make on-site copper changes
  • Customization and staggered investment


A revamp means bringing your panels up-to-date once more, so that they meet all functionality and safety requirements. To serve your needs as well as possible, we analyze the situation and propose a custom solution.

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With a retrofit, we go a step further. We not only renovate your panels, but also add extra functionalities.

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Smart panels

A smart panel is an electrical panel with the intelligence to measure and connect. The opportunities are virtually endless. A smart panel offers the possibility to monitor your installation remotely for purposes of both maintenance and operations.

You do not always have to replace your panels to take advantage of such possibilities. We can add the right intelligent components to make your existing installations smart.

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