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1 step ahead
in maintenance

  • Specialized intervention teams
  • GWO-certified
  • Licensed for all leading brands
  • SCC**-certified
  • Partner of HyTeps, specialist in energy monitoring
  • Professionally equipped teams and service vehicles, for example, fitted with Lockout Tagout locking systems

Maintenance activities

The annual maintenance of your panels and power switches guarantees reliable and safe performance. After all, accumulated dust, for example, acts as a conductor, causing a risk of electrical sparks. This in turn can lead to a short circuit or fire.

But we do much more than preventive maintenance; we conduct a detailed audit of the condition of your panels. Based on the results, we provide you with professional advice and prepare a clear long-term plan. We list which components are unreliable or obsolete and need to be replaced. We also provide advise regarding the spare parts that can be fully managed by us. We can offer you a complete maintenance contract tailored specifically to your installation.

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Every second of production shutdown is one second too many. Naturally, you want a fast and good solution for your problem. The intervention process always starts with an on-site diagnosis. The second step is our technical solution. We discuss the solution with you and together prepare for the necessary work. We go through our proposal phase by phase, focusing primarily on safety for all parties involved. How can we prepare for the shutdown in the best possible way? The ultimate goal is to keep the shutdown time as short as possible. This is our guarantee that everything will be operational again at the agreed time.

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Servicing panels and power switches

Electrical maintenance is not a priority at many companies. Admittedly, electric switches are extremely robust. Yet all mechanical components have a limited service life. When they start pushing thirty, they are pushing the limits of reliability. From that point on, they are an uncertain factor in the production process, are obsolete and pose a risk to the safety of employees.

Don’t wait too long. Make the switch from reactive to proactive together with us.

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Power Quality

The quality of your electrical installation is extremely important. An efficient installation guarantees the safety of your employees, increases operational certainty and reduces your energy bill. To make that quality visible, we integrate sensors and energy meters into your panels. These tell you exactly what is going on in your electrical cabinets. We also make all of the data available to you, not only on site by connecting it to your laptop, but also remotely via an IP address. Get control over and optimize the energy consumption of your installations.

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