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100% peace of mind

about the safety and reliability
of your electrical panels

Our promise

P&V Pact is a service agreement which guarantees that your distribution boards and control panels are 100% reliable and safe during their entire lifespan. Your guarantee that we will proactively work for you to deliver on that promise. We work with standard formulas, but can also tailor to your company’s specific needs.

Sounds interesting?

P&V Pact is a logical choice if you are responsible for the electrical panels within your company or building. If you want complete peace of mind and are looking for a partner who can support you or just take everything off your hands

Our P&V Pact is the logical choice if you

  • Want to avoid unexpected shutdowns.
  • Are extremely committed to the safety of your colleagues.
  • Want a single point of contact for all your panels, across different brands.
  • Keep up to date with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Want to stay one step ahead of electrical failures.
  • Want to be sure that the next electrical inspection will go smoothly.

Want to know more?

Curious about the possibilities for your company? Get in touch. Or leave your email address or phone number and we will contact you.

How we guarantee you
100% peace of mind

We begin by mapping the condition of your electrical switching equipment.
On this basis, we draw up a multi-year plan. On the basis of a standard formula or fully customized. We work out an overview of minor and major maintenance works, and a plan of approach for your spare part management.
We plan and perform the following maintenance. We report on the work carried out, so you always have an overview.
We advise you on the different scenarios at the important moments: revamp, upgrade or new? With the intention of putting that decision into practice.

Our assets

Panels expert

At P&V Panels, we design, build, maintain and upgrade electrical panels. This means that we are very knowledgeable about every possible stage of your panel’s life. We have a solution for every possible type of panel: MCC, PCC, analyser, relay, PLC, DCS, HVAC… And we are familiar with all brands and manufacturers.

Maintenance specialist

Within P&V Panels, we have further specialized in maintenance and upgrades of existing boards.

P&V service are our 25 specialists in maintenance, retrofit and revamp. They are working tirelessly on this specific matter for every possible type of company.


We work with all the different brands. This means that we are familiar with every possible panel and every possible component. We are confident that we can handle any situation. Does your current set-up consist of a mix of brands? We provide you with an overview and propose a plan of action.

ISO, VCA and GWO certified

We have all the necessary certificates to guarantee you an optimal service and approach.

Preferred partner

We have licenses for all A-brands and are the preferred partner of the major manufacturers. Therefore, we are always in the front row for new training courses and innovations within our sectors. In addition, we can count on their knowledge and support to bring even the most challenging projects to a successful conclusion.

Always one step ahead

It is our ambition to be the best in our field of expertise. We always want to be one step ahead in all matters related to electrical panels.With our P&V Pact, you can reap the benefits of this ambition. And your panels are also fully up to date with the latest technological developments.

We are at your service 24/7

An electrical failure always comes at a bad time. But our intervention teams are available for you 24/7. In the evening, at the weekend or on public holidays: we do what is necessary to help you as quickly as possible.

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We regularly organise webinars about maintenance, retrofit and revamp. So you can find out what the possibilities are to upgrade your existing panels to today’s standard.

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