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P&V Service becomes Cirqui

P&V Service, a valued part of the P&V Group, is proud to announce today that the company is undergoing a major transformation and will continue as Cirqui. This remarkable change is not just a new name, but marks the evolution towards a more customer-centric and digitised future. Bart Van Herck, Business Unit Manager, explains the change.

In 2018, P&V Group introduced a new department: P&V Service. After three decades of pure panelbuilding, P&V Service set a new standard by offering service and maintenance on existing signs. “With a very clear focus: maintenance, revamp, retrofit and bus bar. And being the best at that,” says Bart. “We have grown to a team of 20, and are trusted by a lot of great companies. Now it’s time for the next step: standing even more on our own two feet.”

“With Cirqui, we are going one step further in personalising our services,” says Bart Van Herck. “This change gives us the freedom to continue to professionalize, even more tailored to our customers. We retain the expertise of the P&V Group, but with a more individual character. What we do stands out from other panelbuilders through our unique processes, communication and long-term partnerships.”

Bart Van Herck also announced ambitious digitalisation plans: “In the coming months, we will invest heavily in digitalisation with Cirqui. Reporting, communication and work preparation will become faster, more efficient and more customer-friendly. Everything must be 100% insightful and transparent for our customers, so that they remain in control at all times.”

In addition, Cirqui will be physically closer to customers, with two strategic locations in Kortrijk and Zwijndrecht. This will reduce response times and allow them to be on site even faster.

Finally, Bart Van Herck emphasises Cirqui’s advisory role: “We do not only want to carry out visible maintenance work, but also provide proactive advice. Through our knowledge and know-how, we want to draw up a strategic plan together with our customers for the optimisation of their electrical boards, so that they not only have the overview, but also the certainty that we translate the theoretical planning into practice. 100% operational reliability is the ultimate goal here.”

Cirqui is ready to usher in a new era of dedicated service, where customer focus, transparency and innovation are key.

Visite the Cirqui website.

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