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Upgrade to smart MCCs

From old electrical panels to power management

Can only new panels be ‘smart’? No! Our upgrade at the chemical company Chevron Philips Chemical to smart MCCs proves this. We both updated the components and made it possible to monitor energy usage remotely.

Chevron Philips Chemical is a global player in the production of ethylene and polyethylene. They deliver the raw materials for lubricating oil, for instance, which is used to keep machines and motors running. They asked us to do the same for their production process at their site in Beringen, where they produce polyalphaolefins (PAO).

The components in their motor control centers (MCC) were outdated, which meant that their electrical panels jeopardized operational reliability. First priority: eliminate the uncertainty factor. Second priority: make our MCCs smart to enable energy monitoring.

“Energy monitoring is one of the many possibilities of a smart panel,” says Service Manager Stijn Cuppens. “Most people think you need a new panel to have a smart panel. Nothing could be further from the truth. We can also integrate smart aspects into old panels. This is a serious advantage because it quickly became clear that new panels were not an option here.”


“In this case, maintenance and an upgrade were the best solution because this let us work in phases and the client could stagger the investment over time. Another advantage was that an additional, lengthy shutdown was not needed. We scheduled the work in line with the planned shutdowns.”

“Their MCCs consist of various sliding latches. Chevron Philips Chemical has twenty spares. That lets us bring the same number of them to our workshop during every phase. Here we replace the outdated components and integrate the necessary technology to make the MCCs smart. We make every effort to ensure that the sliding latches are 99% plug-and-play.”

We schedule the upgrades in line with the planned shutdowns.
Service Manager Stijn Cuppens

“Once everything’s in working order, we go to the site of the planned shutdown to reinstall the sliding latches. We also carry out the final adaptations on site: reinstall, fine-tune and start up the production process once again. We then progress to the next twenty sliding latches.”

“The result are electrical panels that have many years of service ahead of them and that can be monitored by their engineers from their laptop. Thanks to their smart MCCs, Chevron Philips Chemical now has a perfect overview of the amount of energy consumed by their various lines.”


  • Revamping 75 sliding bolts into smart MCCs
  • Integrating smart components: Tesys T with Ethernet comm. and HMI