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A small role in the fight against cancer

Pharma case study

Belgium holds a prominent position in the field of life sciences. That’s why a large pharma multinational chose our country to be home to its European manufacturing facility to continue its work on an innovative blood cancer treatment. This cutting-edge technology doesn’t work without reliable distribution panels. And that’s where P&V Panels comes in.

I’m proud that we’re able to make a small contribution to the fight against cancer.
Steven Perrault, Business Development Manager

“We’ve worked for this pharmaceutical company for years. Where in the past they ordered their panels through the manufacturer, they now often get them directly from us”, says Steven Perrault, Business Development and Account Manager at P&V Panels. “In this case, Schneider Electric and the industrial installation company approached us, asking us to design and build the distribution panels”, continues Jelle Janssens, Industry and Infrastructure Account Manager.

The longest busbar to date

The project involved designing, building, supplying, and mechanically and electrically installing a 5,000A main distribution panel and ten form 4B motor control centres (MCC). “They safeguard and control all devices in the manufacturing facility. What makes them particularly special is that the sub-distribution panels are fitted with Schneider Electric temperature monitoring sensors, which send the measurement values to the customer’s supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. This prevents damage due to faults or sudden increases in temperature”, explains Jelle. P&V Panels also supplied and installed a busbar. “At 380 metres, it’s the longest we’ve installed to date”, says Jelle.

The clock is ticking

The biggest challenge in this project was the extremely tight deadline. Steven: “The pharma company wanted a rapid delivery so they could make this innovative therapy available to  patients as soon as possible. Given that we were still in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it took a lot of effort to get all the materials in a timely manner due to the fact that many supply chains were still disrupted. Despite everything, we managed to install the panels and the busbar on time. We met with the customer and Schneider Electric on a regular basis to make sure the whole process ran as efficiently as possible. Our team played a key role here, too, as no other company in the Benelux region has enough staff to bring a project like this to a successful conclusion in such a short space of time. That’s where we stand out from the crowd. And I’m extremely proud that we’re able to make a small contribution to the fight against cancer.”

At 380 metres, the busbar in this project is the longest we’ve ever installed.
Jelle Janssens, Acount Manager Infra & Industrie

Key details

  • 1 Schneider Electric 5,000A main distribution panel
  • 10 Schneider Electric sub-distribution panels/motor control centres with temperature monitoring
  • 380-metre busbar