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Multi-brand: the best possible solution for every installed base

Service case

P&V Panels is not affiliated with any manufacturer or brand, and that means we can offer the best possible solution for all projects. Our Service Manager Bart Van Herck explains exactly how this promise translates into practice.

“An electrical installation is something that grows organically: you make a change here, you expand it there and so on. In reality, this leads to a mix of brands being used in many companies and between different buildings. In terms of maintenance and upgrades, this presents certain challenges.”

Maintenance: are you keeping a complete overview?

“Arcelor Mittal in Ghent, for example, works with a combination of ABB and Schneider systems. Different aspects need to be looked at during maintenance work for both of these brands, but this steel manufacturer can rest assured that P&V Panels has the knowledge to take care of everything.”

“Regardless of how many brands your installed base consists of, we create the overview you need and provide a single, complete solution.”
Bart Van Herck, Service Manager

“A similar situation exists at a food industry business in Tienen: their old installed base includes components from different brands. If they were to outsource maintenance to the manufacturers of these components themselves, they would have to deal with two different partners, which leaves them with a lot more work to do to make sure everything is ready in time for their scheduled shutdown. With P&V Panels, they’ve got a single point of contact — a single partner that helps them look at the overall picture, right across all the different brands they use. This is the only way you’ll be able to draw up a plan that’s genuinely complete, with a complete approach in terms of spare part management.”

Upgrade: have you got an overarching plan?

“The same applies at Aperam’s site in Genk. This steel manufacturer has reached a point whereseveral of their main circuit breakers are due for replacement. Once again, they currently use a mix of brands, so the question is: is now the right time to put all their eggs in one basket so that their system is more uniformly going forward? We’re actually in a better position to answer that question than the individual manufacturers, as they’re only interested in drawing up a plan for their own circuit breakers.”

“Together with Aperam, we’re currently looking at the theoretical and practical aspects for their entire installed base. What is the best long-term solution on paper, and how does that translate into practice? After all, conversion kits often leave much to be desired in this type of project. We’re able to offer the custom solutions the client needs to convert a vertical rear connection to a horizontal one, for example.” Smart technology: what are the possibilities for your panels?

“In the transition to smart technology too, our multi-brand approach offers certain advantages. I’ve noticed that more and more customers are becoming aware of the possibilities offered by intelligent panels. Smart panels can help you monitor and save energy, monitor your panels remotely, integrate condition-based maintenance and much more. These possibilities are not just for new panels: smart solutions can be added to existing panels too.”

“But where do you start if your installed base consists of a mix of different brands? Once again,we can provide the overview you need in this situation and suggest a single solution, across all of the different manufacturers. We fit every panel with the best smart components available. Next, we make sure that all these different elements can communicate with one another, and that all these data are gathered and read correctly, regardless of the brand of your panels and circuit breakers. Ideally, we do all this on a single, overarching dashboard.”

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