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Heater control panels in a container

Panels that start up the production process

A major project with a strict deadline, special cabinets and, above all, the integration of two heater control panels in a container. There were plenty of challenges for Project Manager Alejandro Jimenez when Jacobs entrusted us with their project on behalf of Nippon Shokubai.

The Japanese Nippon Shokubai is a manufacturer of super absorbers. They produce acrylic acid, the basic material for super absorbent polymers, at their facility in Zwijndrecht. “This is one of the basic elements for nappies,” says Alejandro. “In 2015, the Japanese began building a facility for producing this acid. We were commissioned via Jacobs to build the panels in order to start up that production process.”

“It may sound very straightforward, but it was anything but that. After all, the two electric switch cabinets needed to be placed in a container. That’s no easy task because it requires specific expertise. We had some experience with this kind of project, but the challenge here was that there were a large number of panels.”

“Another challenge was the schedule. I needed to coordinate the work here in the studio with the work in the yard. After all, at a certain point, the container would have to be installed in the new structure. And if your part is not ready, the contractor has to sit on his hands. So that one date is our primary focus.”

“On top of all this, the cabinets themselves were custom-built. They wanted Siemens S8 switch cabinets. And none of the components that needed to go into them were standard. We had to completely reconstruct the cabinets to meet the needs of the end customer.”

“The project also involved a great deal of administrative work. Official approval was required for very technical component I wanted to use. I had to send all the paperwork to a document control system, which is highly time-consuming. And because of the tight deadline, we had to maintain focus at all times.”

“How did we manage to get it all done? Lots of consultation. With projects of this size, it is especially important to coordinate everything properly, both with the customer and internally. Strict adherence is essential, as are regular meetings with the entire team, from engineer to production. And, of course, the willingness to put in extra hours… If necessary, it is essential that the team is willing to go the extra mile.”