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“We can design, build, maintain and upgrade any conceivable panel”

P&V Panels


“We are no longer called P&V Elektrotechniek. From now on, we are P&V Panels. Simply because it’s a lot clearer. We have also ditched our slogan ‘Probably the best panel builder in the world’. We are much more than just a builder. Yes, we assemble panels. And, yes, we are good at it. But we also engineer, maintain and upgrade them.”

“In early 2018, we launched a new service department. This department performs maintenance work and upgrades on existing panels. It currently has 15 employees and will continue to grow. An increasing number of companies prefer to outsource this type of work, so that they can concentrate on their core business. And we are here to help them.”

“We have developed from being a builder to an all-rounder. and work on every phase of a panel’s life cycle – ‘cradle to cradle,” as it’s so aptly called.”

“Not only have we expanded our services, we have also taken on more staff. We now have 210 employees in total – twice as many as our closest competitor. We have 140 panel builders, more than twenty engineers and almost as many service technicians. The takeover of Bekaert Electric has resulted in an additional thirteen professionals.”


“There is another reason why we stopped saying ‘Probably the best’. We feel strong enough to assert that we are the no. 1 specialist in distribution and control panels. Our new slogan is ‘One step ahead.”’

“We want to be a step ahead in every area possible. It is our mission to engineer the very best panel each and every time. To do so, we will need to keep up with all the opportunities offered by technology. In the future, panels will continue to get smarter and  we want to be a pioneer in this field.”

“We are the only manufacturer of panels to be certified by both Schneider Electric and Siemens – the two top brands. But we are raising the bar even higher for ourselves. We work continuously to improve our processes and procedures: standardized testing, leaner workplaces, investments in our machine park, etc. A more efficient building means higher quality and shorter lead times. Consequently, we can offer a better price-quality ratio and swifter delivery times.”

“The slogan ‘One Step Ahead’ also applies to our maintenance and upgrading services. We go much further than standard maintenance: we help companies switch from being reactive to being proactive.  This means not waiting until it’s too late, but helping these companies implement systematic maintenance and a clear, long-term master plan.”

“Condition-based maintenance is the future. But to implement this, you have to be able to measure and take stock. We can also arrange this. We may not get every existing panel up to the level of Industry 4.0 but we can reach 3.9.”


“We also have experience in all sorts of sectors: infrastructure, industry, construction and mechanical engineering. For each sector, P&V has a unit that concentrates on one specific field. This guarantees that you will always be able to sit down and talk with an expert in your field. Someone who speaks your language. Every field has aspects that are specific to it, this approach is more efficient. It also enables us to make swifter and more accurate quotations. Working like this allows us to react much more quickly.”

“The end result is that we can offer the best solution for every low-voltage panel, no matter what the client requires, whether it’s new panels for a hospital or inventorying and upgrading panels for a pharmaceutical company. If we can’t do it, nobody can”.