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QR-code: the step towards a perfect inspection report

Your electrical control panels can do more than just control and distribution. Just about anything is possible if you have the right components. In this section, we focus on one smart component in a cabinet. Or in this case: on the cabinet. This time it’s about the QR-code.

It’s a real challenge to see the latest status for every panel in your company. Because there are so many panels to be managed. Because they are scattered across different buildings. Because an electrical installation is typically something active: a modification here, replacing a component there, etc.

Meanwhile, the as-built of your electrical panels is important. These plans form the basis for repairs, extensions and upgrades. And even more important: you are obliged to present such an as-built during the five-yearly inspection of your low-voltage installation.

100% confidence about your as-built

A management system for your panels helps you to deal with this challenge. All large manufacturers have their own system and their own approach. However, the common element is that such a system allows all information relating to your panels to be gathered in the cloud. This means that everything is stored in a single and central location: the latest version of the electrical plan, test reports, CE declarations, heat calculations, etc.

This also allows you to make this information accessible or share it. With your own technicians. Or with the company to whom you outsource your maintenance. The only requirement is that they install the app on a tablet or smartphone. Then, by scanning the QR-code on the cabinet, they receive the very latest update.