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“Trust only YOURSELF”

Safety is our number one priority. But when we’re on the move, that theme is just a little less obvious than in the studio. On site, our service colleagues find themselves in new situations every time, working at different companies in different sectors. And they sometimes have to deal with unexpected factors. Business Unit Manager Service, Stijn Cuppens, talks about how his team tries to exclude unexpected situations as much as possible.

Service is the department within P&V Elektrotechniek that focuses on maintaining, upgrading and monitoring existing electrical panels. “Unlike our business units, we work across all sectors. As a result, we visit a wide variety of companies. From the big petrochemical multinational, to the SME around the corner.”

“And they all deal with safety in a different way. At the multinational, there is a greater chance there are fixed procedures for switching off electrical installations, for example. Even so, I still want our technicians to be able to work safely in both situations. This is why we follow a set procedure to give us maximum preparation.”

It starts as soon as a potential project begins. It is the task of the Project Manager to identify the specific risks of the location, to map out the situation, to record it, and to translate it into a plan of action in consultation with the customer.”

“During the briefing, we will go deeper into the theme of safety. This is standard for me as part of the technical and practical part. We therefore not only talk about what the project is and how we approach it, but also about how we can guarantee safety. The disconnection procedure is a very important part of this. We try to unburden every customer as much as possible, but disconnection is the task of the installation manager. And it must be carried out in accordance with a fixed procedure.”


“Because there is absolutely no way there can be any power applied to the installation. If that is the case, the consequences will be catastrophic for our technicians. And that is why it is so important to clearly discuss the roles and responsibilities. And also to respect them in practice. Under the motto “Trust only yourself”, the technician also follows the disconnection procedure. A double check is carried out to ensure everything has been done correctly. Only then can he be confident that he can begin work on the panels.”

“Our engineers obviously have the right work material for that. Professionally-equipped vans, for example, equipped with Lockout Tagout locking systems for checking mechanical and electrical hazards as standard. Anti-static multi-risk work clothing, the correct Personal Protective Equipment and specially-adapted tools. We are VCA**-certified, which means we are constantly working on how we can work as safely as possible,” concludes Stijn. “Regular training and clear general work instructions therefore go without saying.”

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